Friday, November 23, 2007


Thank You MAKEzine!

I was honored and very excited today when I loaded up one of my favorite blogs and saw a podcast about the RepRap project. This is the first podcast in a series of podcasts, and I'm very excited to see how the rest of them turn out. Makezine has been a source of inspiration for me, and I'm sure it's been inspiring to others on the project as well. It feels fantastic to see the stuff I've worked so hard on to be featured there.

If you are wandering in here in search of instructions on how to build each board, then look no further. Here are direct links to the wiki pages of each of the boards used in the podcast:

Keep in mind that these are the experimental (and hopefully next-generation) versions of the RepRap electronics and you're treading into territory that is *not quite* fully documented nor supported by software. We're working on this as hard as possible, and its likely that the rest of the software will be written in the next week or so.

Nice work Zach!
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