Saturday, November 10, 2007


RepRap User Groups

Looking for people who also want to build RepRaps? Want to band together on group buys for a supplier to save on costs? Have a machine shop but not good at soldering pcbs? Live outside the US and don't know where to buy stepper motors? Already building a RepStrap and want to show it off? Just want to make the cognitive and emotional leap from "Boy, a machine that makes copies of itself!" to "Damn, I'm going to build one! Is there anyone in my town working on this too?"

Find or start your local RepRap User Group!

We've created a dedicated set of subforums, which you can also get to by going to our forum site,, and drilling down to to RepRap User Groups.

If you don't see a subforum dedicated to your town in question, don't panic! Log in to:
Request a Local RepRap User Group,
and tell us where you live, and we'll set one up.

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