Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Producer/LayerProducer code changes

Hi, just committed some important changes to the code:

- Important: First layer now prints @ z=0 i.e. home position (previously @ z=extrudate height).

It's quicker and easier to tweak the nozzle to home position to the right height for the first layer, which was previously a bit of a hit and hope. Plus it's safer, at the home position the nozzle doesn't have to physically touch the bed, which it just about has to if first layer printing starts at z=extrudate height.

- Bruce's bug fix to stop extruding on dry segments! Hurrah!
- Included commented code for horizontal and vertical hatch vectors.
- Streamlined warm-up sequence.

We're not going to end up with parts one layer thicker than they're supposed to be, right?

Vik :v)
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