Wednesday, November 21, 2007


PowerComms v1.3 Released

Our new Power and Communications board has now been fully tested and documented. It features many improvements, most notably diagnostic LED's for Tx and Rx (yay blinken lights!) It also has a better layout, more reasonable capacitors, and more power outputs.

Check out the documentation (now with lots of pictures).

We also have it fully stocked in the RRRF store.

Thank you to everyone who helped out to make this happen. This is an excellent incremental improvment over our previous board and takes us one step closer to having an awesome robot that prints us out cool things. Keep up the good work guys!

Any change on getting a RSS feed for the blog? Would be great for keep up to date without having to check the blog everyday.

Keep up the great work !
theres been one for a long time now... left hand column 'site feed' or if you use firefox there is an rss icon in the address bar.

thanks for checking back!
So are the 1.2 and the 1.3 interchangeable in a Darwin build?
They're not quite interchangeable. The 1.2 used pin connectors for power distribution connectors, the 1.3 uses screw terminals.

If you've prepared for a 1.2 and end up with a 1.3, just cut the pin connectors off.

From an operational perspective they're the same, the 1.3 just has nicer diagnostics.
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