Friday, November 16, 2007


Amazin' Saddles

Ed was kind enough to run off some saddles that grip the X axis rails and stop the carriage rotating when there is a little slack in the carriage's bearing inserts. I'd made some from CAPA earlier, but they were a little ugly and not machine fabricated so they had to go...

Yes, I did try making them out of PLA on my Darwin, but this exposed the software bug that Adrian is beavering away on, with some success. I'll just wait for confirmation from another source that they're worth putting on the RepRap and then I'll wiki them. Meanwhiles, if any cowpoke finds their carriage a little rattly on the rails, go git yerself some amazin' saddles.

(The blue wire in the photo goes to my diagnostic thermocouple, and the big black screw in the lower right corner belongs to the clamp giving extra pressure to the PLA extruder.)
Vik :v)

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