Monday, October 29, 2007


Time to sort the software

Why no pictures of printed bits recently? Well, we're sorting out the software. Part of this involves sorting out the development tools so we can sort out our software, which has resulted in yours truly abusing the Debian packaging system to produce 2.7.4 SDCC DEB files. If anyone can make a better go of it, please do. If you want to see what I did to it, the files are online here:

I've also rebuilt GPUTILS:

Vik :v)

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i've packed and tested (compiling other firmware) sdcc and gpu ready to use in a liveCD - based on dyne:bolic (Linux from Scratch).

in some cases it can be a quick solution to setup a development machine out of any computer found.

if you like the idea i can point you out an ISO file to download.

i'd be happy to help with firmware development when that is available on a versioned repository.


Thanks for the offer, Dennis. A versioned repository for the autoconf build is already available here:

Give me the link for the ISO and I'll tack it on (actually, I think we'd better get a Wiki page out for the autoconf stuff in development). Drop me e-mail from if you want to get deeply involved in the messy entrails.

Vik :v)
late reply - not really comfy in using blogs for end-to-end communication.

iso file:

additional module:

fairly simple to get sdcc and all needed development tools installed - almost live - devel.dyne is not in CD by default, but one could remaster a reprap development liveCD...

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