Thursday, October 25, 2007


RepRap visits a FabLab

Here are Ed and Adrian discussing the machine with Joseph Okor from the FabLab in the South South End Technology Center in Boston. The Lab's Ed Baafi is behind the camera.

We hacked in an old PC power supply they had lying about to get it running.

Then it crashed :-(

However, this was a FabLab, so they soon equipped Adrian with a soldering iron, and he unplugged the extruder and re-soldered the lead to the thermistor which was causing the problem.

And we were able to make them the start of the shot glass before it was time to pack up and go home.

Thanks to Ed and Joseph, and also to Neil Gershenfeld whom we had met there earlier in the day, for their hospitality. We shall send them a RepRap extruder so they can experiment with integrating it in one of their systems.

Open-source is so cool...

Hmmmm..... I spy a filler extruder on that reprap. Is it functional or a showpiece?
Filler extruder works fine, but has a big turned brass bit in it. Will RP that when I get half a chance.

Meanwhile, check out
Has anything been made using the support material? Given how hard it is to get HDPE filament to stick to anything solid, I can't imagine it sticking to uncured Pollyfiller. Perhaps CAPA is better, I have not experienced it.
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