Wednesday, October 10, 2007


RepRap goes to MIT

Zach, Sebastien, Ed and I had a paper on RepRap accepted by the 2007 Mass Customization and Personalization Conference at MIT. Ed and I registered for the conference and we decided to bring Darwin along to show as well as presenting our paper.

After no trouble at all with airport baggage security at Bristol International (thanks to them for being tech savvy and non-jobsworth), I got the machine in bits in among my socks to Boston. Here's Ed putting it together in my hotel room:

And here's us with Darwin building the famous Vik minimug in the conference lobby in a pic taken by Zach's friend Caitlin:

As you can see only one of us fully realizes the terrible gravity of the situation...

Showed up in Boston with custom electronics and didn't get arrested? Count yourself lucky. :-)
Hmmmm..... You shipped it disassembled, put it back together and it worked?? That's a VERY good attribute of the design. Well done. Take one pat on the back out of petty cash. Or is that petits cache?
In fact, it developed an intermittent fault after re-assembly that wasn't too bad.

After the conf we took it to FabLab to do a demo, and debugged and fixed it (loose thermistor wire) using their equipment, so thanks to them.

Boston Old Bill can't shoot me, Steve - I'm an Englishman, and HMG would send a gunboat :-)
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