Friday, October 12, 2007


First RepRap'd Z-Axis Pulley Rim

Here's a photo of the Z-axis pulley rim that fits on top of the Z axis gear. I've pulled off all the stringy bits and reamed the holes out with just a drill bit held in my bare hand to clear the thin cruddy bits out. As you can see, it's not too shabby.

I've tried printing a corner bracket and got about 70% the way through before a new and unexpected software state was encountered. Ahem, cough. Beyond my ken, but Adrian will be back soon...

Anyway, here are the modifications I did to the Darwin to get PLA coming out.

A. Oily rag in holder to lubricate filament.
B. Large 12V motor to push filament through.
C. Fan to stop polymorph motor holder melting.
D. Polymorph saddles to stop excessive rotation of carriage.
E. Clamp to apply extra pressure to filament.
X. That's a label so I remember which one is the X-axis motor...

You can't see it in this photo, but also I flopped the extruder "umbilical cord" over to the side so that it doesn't tangle with the filament feed.

Vik :v)

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Looking at that print, is it my imagination or does the code that does the infill still leave something to be desired? There seem to be some places where infil wasn't done around the central axis of the piece.

Also. While most of the extrusion looks like it was about 1 mm, that around the cutouts and holes looks to be about 2 mm wide. Is the slice and dice code doing two concentric traces around holes or is something else going on there.
The infill leaves a little to be desired. I have a better example at where the algorithm fails (the opto bracket), and when Adrian gets back I'll show it to him.

The circular outline trace is thick because the head moves very slowly around curves. This is going to be fixed with the next release of the PIC stepper code, as I understand it.

However, the Darwin mechanism is now much more stable. I can print tall-stemmed martini glasses. Hmm, I'll blog that.

Vik :v)
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