Sunday, September 23, 2007


Waitakere Darwin 1.0 Printing in PLA

I've got my Darwin printing in PLA. I had to fiddle the software a bit - reinstate Z-axis speed, and add some bits to ignore ludicrous temperature values.

Hardware required more fiddling: I Fitted a fan over the extruder motor to keep it cool as PLA needs a lot of driving. I used a half-round file to sharpen up the thread on the extruder drive, and I've added the dangly filament holder.

I tried doing another PLA flask, but the extruder jammed after 5 layers. I think the bearings are rotating and digging in to the filament. Might need to make new ones.

Vik :v)

Well done!

I am so jealous.
LOL! It figures that you'd get the first Darwin printing, too! :-D

Congrats on that!

BTW, That's a great looking clamp meter you've got there. Type? Price? Did you just put it in the pic to make us jealous or are you actually measuring something with it there? :-)
I got the clamp meter from a friend who had to give up running up power poles - no idea what it cost. A/C only.

I use it as a very expensive thermometer - it's connected to a K-type thermocouple that touches the extruder nozzle. Lags about 10C behind the nozzle temp.

Vik :v)
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