Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Aluminum Extruder Sneak Peek

If you've followed along in the forums, you know that we have someone CNCing us 10 extruder kits from aluminum. They should be finished shortly, which is very exciting. It will be a big step for the project as a whole to double the number of RepRap extruders that are 'in the wild'.

In the pictures here, I'm assembling a prototype of the extruder. The finished version will only be slightly different, if at all. This extruder feels very strong, and I think once we get these into the hands of some very capable reprappers, we will see some very good, and very exciting results come about.

More pics on Flickr.


Great news! Could someone remind me if these are going to come with the hardware to assemble the extruder as well? That would be really convenient.

yeah, thats the idea... they will come with the screws / nuts / etc to assemble them.
Looking good! That guy did a really nice job.
Looks very nice! After seeing the pics, I'm glad I didn't try to make one myself.
I trust everyone here has read John Sladek's novel `The Reproductive System.'
Off topic, but no, I can, however, point you to three other fiction sources where the "gray goo" is a menace.
...Last I checked we've already got grey goo that will double itself every 20 minutes given usable material and energy.

That's pretty thoroughly amazing.

It also isn't an unstoppable world-devouring menace. Except, perhaps for that whole thing where it did devour this world, and became.. well.. us. It won't devour our world again, at least.

I'll be mightily impressed if human engineering manages to outdo that feat sufficiently that the grey goo that's already here is beaten. We might, however, manage something that'll make this tech we've got a little more like the grey goo we've been using for milennia.
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