Thursday, May 10, 2007



Since the time lapse video of Darwin's exo-skeleton, Adrian and I have been working on wiring the beast up and making sure she runs ticketty boo. There's been a few additions and redesigns to fit in all the electronic wizardry, including the homing devices, for the first release. The job's been a shed load simpler than ARNIE was thanks to Adrian's timely suggestion of keeping all the motors on one side... so now its' looking the biz:

After a near miss with me chucking the power down it the wrong way (after Adrian specifically told me not to hit the juice till we'd checked it, and me hitting the juice before we'd checked it [but it was like a waterslide on a hot day!] - I'm still surprise he didn't get physical!!), all the LED's now come on, and we'll be putting it through the traditional shotglass paces tomorrow. The whiskey's on standby.

yayayay! i'm very excited!
YES! :-D
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