Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Slimline Darwin Designs

Many thanks to Eric Morgan and Bart Anderson, who have laboured past the witching hour unenlightened but for the sepulchral glow of a USB memory stick LED until the first crow of the cock caused the outline of the old ghost in the stable yard to fade softly into the limestone walls*, and who have run all the Darwin STL files through AoI to clean them up and greatly reduce their size.

The new clean ones can now be downloaded from SourceForge at


Great work, chaps!

*This imagery may be over the top, but I'm not sure...

They're better men than I, Gunga Din. :-s
update: we released v1.1.1 which now includes the thermoplast extruder designs.

Wow, that's briliant, thanks guys!!
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