Thursday, May 24, 2007


PowerComms v1.2 Build

A few days ago, the first batch of boards arrived from China. I decided to solder up a PowerComms board, and record it as a time-lapse video. It went pretty smoothly, so check it out.

Unfortunately there were 2 problems. First, I placed the wrong component, no big deal. Second, is that I swapped the 5v and 12v inputs on the silkscreen! That means you either have to slightly re-wire your connector, or solder in the header in backwards (the better solution) Its definitely no show-stopper, but I will fix this for v1.3 of the board.

That look sweet ... only whish I could solder that fast ;-)
Dude, that's hot. Love the nail clippers!!!
Just built my 1.2 board using the MAX202 variations. Works a treat once you put the power connector on the back of the board :)

Vik :v)
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