Sunday, May 06, 2007


PowerComms & Universal v1.2

Its taken me long enough, but I've finally gotten around to getting the production ready versions of both the PowerComms and Universal Controller boards done. As a test, I uploaded them to and they both passed DRC.

I'll be doing an order of 25 sets to start things off. There has been alot of interest in the forums and elsewhere, so hopefully that will be enough to get boards for everyone. If the demand is high enough, I'll be doing another order soon afterwards.

If anyone notices any glaring errors or omissions, please let me know. The boards are in subversion under electronics/PowerComms and electronics/UniversalController if you'd like to take a look in KiCad.

Zach. Is it going to be possible for people to buy the power comms card without buying the universal cards in a set as well?
Good, that saves me having to do a comms card for Tommelise.
excellent... the more re-usable components from each project become, the better and faster the technology will progress.
Wow, that's brill. How much did it all come to?
the first order was only $285. thats 25 powercomms boards, and 28 universal boards. due to my calculations (forgetting that 5 boards are needed for each machine) that means i'll be doing another order next week for more universal boards.

luckily they dont charge shipping!!
I would like to buy a complete set of boards. I have all the components from a 3D drill machine I built in 1996. Do you accept paypal?
Dean Schrickel
808 Bonnycastle
Englewood, Ohio 45322
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