Monday, May 28, 2007


PLA Darwin Parts From Zaphod

I've run off a couple of PCB clips and a couple of brackets from PLA. You can see the stringing on the X constraint bracket - it looks like it as been enveloped by a spider. The thread can easily be picked off with a sharp point, fortunately.

The blob on top of the constraint bracket is where the software crashed. Fortunately it waited for the last layer...

Vik :v)

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Nice. The crosshatching gives it a sort of crystalline look. Like something out of the Fortress of Solitude.
Excellent photo :)
How long does it take to print these parts? Can they be used to replace some of you Darwin machine?

It should be displayed on RepRap website to show people a result of replication :)
Smaller parts take about 20-30 minutes, the larger one about 3 hours I think.

I plan to use these arts in Darwin to see how they last compared to the ABS and CAPA parts.

Vik :v)
how much do the pieces weigh?
Freakin' Lovely !
The clips are 1.8g, the corner 7.9g and the other bit needs to meet some scales...

Vik :v)
This is a real pain to answer, but how stiff are they?
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