Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Opto-endstop cutie pie'd

After ARNIE, Adrian and I have been cooking up better ways to fit the optoswitch for the axis endstops. We've designed this 50mm long assembly for Darwin so that it comes with its own PCB and clamp (as standard).

Assembly instructions have been wikified here.

Flags for the axis have been fitted and, although there's a couple of mods to do, Darwin is on its way to being wired

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sweet. that is a nice little pcb design ya got there. what are the dimensions of that little board? once i get through the universal board stuff, i'd like to get an order of those made up. i could probably fit 2-300 made up on a single batch. we could get the cost down VERY low =)
I have a general comment - not sure if this is the right place but the website was down this morning so this was the only place I could get too. I know that the whole point of Reprap is to be self-replicating but is there a way to build a Repstrap from available components? I don't think I am near anybody who could make the parts for me (sure of going to an engineering shop)?
Zach, that'd be great! It's a single sided board and the area is 0.75" x 1.1", and it's in svn. If the order comes chopped down to size as well that might save a fiddly business. I was cutting one out on the band saw when it suddenly pinged off and completely disappeared.

Bozz, hi, there aren't any releases of a repstrap machine from the mechanical aspect, but Vik, Simon and Forrest have all managed to make their own using standard kit. Summaries of their work can be found in the introduction section of the main site: http://www.reprap.org/bin/view/Main/ShowCase.
Aspects other than the machanical are or course transferable, you can find them here:

Good luck!
fantastic. i'll find out if they separate the boards when i make the first bulk order. i'm pretty sure they do... on the bulk print they lay out the boards in a grid and do separation in-house.

if thats the case, then we'll be in for some smooth sailing =)
OK, that's what I figured. I'll probably start sometime this week, schedule willing. BTW the website isn't working - it says it can't open http://www.reprap.org/bin/view/Main/WebHome
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