Thursday, May 31, 2007


Opto Endstop Boards Arrived!

The commercially manufactured boards have arrived! These tiny little boards are the guys that tell your RepRap machine where each end is. They are great, except for one tiny defect: I dont know how to place big holes in Kicad, so the mounting holes are too small. Nothing a little bit of drilling cant fix though. Unit cost came out to ~$0.75 / ea.

Anyway, you can read more about it on the RRRF blog, or jump straight to the store if you'd like to buy some. (Is it a shameless plug if its on your own website?)

The store is beginning to look really good.
Zach, you can place a small pad and then right click on it and select edit pad. You can then change the hole size but for some reason it insists on the pad being as big as the hole so you have to increase that as well. You can also change the type to "hole". Not sure what that does but perhaps it removes the plating, which you should for mounting holes.

I am not sure if that is what you are supposed to do, I would have expected a mounting hole in the library but its a bit difficult to find things with it being in French.
cool, i'll try that. how exactly do you place a pad? the only place i could find that was in the module editor, and i need to add the holes from the board layout editor.
Zach, I thought you already had pads with holes, they were just too small?

I just placed a 1 pin connector with no track to it and then right clicked on it.
There's a HOLE6MM part to get you going. Really though you want the hole type to be "Mechanical" unless you really want a through-hole plating on it.

Vik :v)
I can't find a hole6mm part. My parts all seem to be in French. I must have different libraries to you.
Bugger. Nor can I :(

Could've swore I saw it mentioned in a Kicad help forum some time back.

If I recall right, it's in the "PCB Library" - but I dunno where to get it! I'll hunt...

Vik :v)
update: add a '1 pin' component, adjust the drill size to be same as pad size. also, set hole type to mechanical. bingo!
YEAH! Love it Zach...
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