Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Flask with overhangs in PLA

I've done this nice little flask to test overhangs in PLA. At 40mm high, this is the tallest thing Zaphod can currently make. The extrusion was done at 157-160C and the deposited trail is 1.4mm wide:

Unfortunately is not waterproof. This is because I re-set the bearings, and as they settled in the feed rate dropped. This left a few small gaps in the base. Obviously, a fixable thing. It is durable though and shows no sign of wanting to de-laminate.

If you look inside you can see all these little hair-like threads that got dragged around during the fabrication process. Very pretty :)

Vik :v)


What would happen if you filled it with sand, surrounded it with sand, and annealed it? Do you imagine it would become watertight then?
Yes, but so would standing it on a hotplate briefly - and it wouldn't be embedded with sand particles :)

If I printed it again, it would be waterproof. I'll just stick a dried flower or something in this one.

Vik :v)
Beautiful! Beautiful!
Nice going, Vik! :-)
Beautiful :-)
I can't open the high resolution version of the photo - Google says:


Your client does not have permission to get URL /1.1 from this server.
Google seems to have been having a series of fits - I only just got comments back on this post! Try now.

Vik :v)
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