Thursday, May 10, 2007



Here is the official Darwin-finished pic:

Ed's powering it up the wrong way caused less smoke than my typing an extra zero in the extruder temperature box by mistake...

Here's the very first test.

As you can see, the fibreglass insulation round the extruder makes it look slightly like Cousin It...

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I think I just wet myself...
wow, that darwin pic looks almost computer generated. this is some great news.
Nice! Looks like a cross between a Tinker Toy set and a Borg.
By the way, is there a photo gallery somewhere that contains all of the working RepRaps?

If I remember correctly, there are four: Zaphod, ARNIE, Tommelise and Darwin. is where it's meant to be, but it hasn't been updated with the real Darwin yet.

Vik :v)
Strapping the electrical wires to a length of plastic rod is a shiny solution. I think I'm going to steal that idea for next weekend at the Maker Fair. It will make things look a LOT nicer. :-)
"that darwin pic looks almost computer generated"

If you blow up the background you will see that I had to use the Gimp to remove some dirt from the orange panels we had lying about in the lab, and get rid of some extraneous shadows :-)

But Darwin itself is untouched...
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