Wednesday, April 11, 2007


You Look Like My (proto)Type

I was really worried about the prototype boards, since they were due to be delivered to my work the DAY we were scheduled to move uptown to Union Square. Luckily, they still got delivered okay. Boy do they look sweet!! I got a couple sets up on Flickr on them and heres a pic of the universal board.

I'll be making the bulk order later this week. I want to test everything and also need to do a few tweaks to the layout.

PowerComms Pics
Universal Controller Pics

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
REALLY nice!
Looking profesional Zach. One little thing I did notice though is that the mounting holes look the same as the component pads. They should be bigger, with no pad or plating and probably a bit more clearence for screw heads.

Usually vias are smaller than pads but I can't see any problem with them being the same. Easier to make mods and place scope probes.
thanks guys.

the mounting holes are that size just so that you can drill them out to make your holes whatever size you want.

i'm making a few mods to the boards before i do the bulk order, so i'll try changing that around and making the holes be a smallish, yet standard size.
Awesome, Zach. Can't wait to lay hold of some!

Vik :v)
The vias are the same size as the pads to make the board easier for amateurs to make - the registration between the two sides doesn't need to be quite as accurate for subsequent drilling.
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