Tuesday, April 17, 2007


You can't spread a bit of CAPA on your copper

Yesterday I bought a piece of copper-clad board and tried sticking it under Zaphod. The idea being to deposit a trail of CAPA on the copper and then etch the exposed copper. Unfortunately, it looks like copper makes a nigh on perfect non-stick surface for CAPA extrusions. Even after cleaning with contact cleaner and cranking up the heat, I couldn't get any CAPA at all to stick to the copper.

Looks like time for plan B; the etch resist pen.

Vik :v)

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Yeah, I had exactly the same experience with HDPE. I had in mind making my own PCB blanks out of copper foil, which you can buy in art supply shots here for embossing, and PCB. No luck so far. I will try cleaning the copper and see if that helps.
Here's a weird suggestion, just to get some ideas going...

Instead of copper faced board or foil from craft stores, what about a fine copper mesh? I would guess adhesion would be possible because it could wrap around the wire of the mesh...

Now how about that mesh made from expanded sheet stock? You know, the stuff with all the little diamond shaped holes in it. Could that be of any use?

Just thinking out loud. :-)
The expanded mesh is actually a really interesting idea, to me. It should be a lot more efficient overall, as you can use much thicker stock and still have separation between the circuits, only etching away a few strands. Also, I can easily imagine a RepRapped machine that cuts & expands Cu foil.
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