Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What happens when a US National Laboratory tries to make a RepRap

Note the bent walls and corner blobbing. :-D

Of course we get bent walls and corner blobbing too. But we don't look so jolly serious about it in pictures.

Their stainless steel was nice and shiny, I thought.
I had to look close to see the lines and the blobbing. But then I saw the worn paint on the head's cap. Tsk tsk! Yeah and what's that purple stuff?
Where is this from? Is there an article too?
Where is this from? Is there an article too?

Sure! I wasn't exaggerating for effect. :-s
Let's see their machine fabricate some of those nice, shiny, metal parts that it's made from. I suppose it could print parts for a ceramic RepRap...but the sintering would be a hot pain.
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