Saturday, April 14, 2007


Tommelise joins Zaphod and A.R.N.I.E.

There are now three open source 3D RepRap printers that have passed the "print a shot glass" milestone.

That's a standard British 25 ml short shot glass. I was halfway through my second shot before it occurred to me that it was 1000 in the morning, I'd had 3 hours sleep the previous night and hadn't made breakfast yet. I've been hammering getting the shot glass print done, you see.

You can read a complete account of the adventure here. Be sure and click on the "Continue reading" link at the bottom of the blog entry to get the complete account.

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Congratulations Forrest. You done good :)
So, is this the first dishwasher-safe part, then?
HDPE does fairly well in a dishwasher, though the drying cycle can warp thin-walled objects. HPP is totally dishwasher safe. That comes next.
Dishwasher safe or no, this shows we're definitely onto something. The fact that this has been accomplished with 3 differing machine designs bodes well for the concept of evolutionary development. Need I mention that certain expensive commercial machines can't make watertight containers?

Congratulations Forrest!

Presumably I can use the images in presentations?

Vik :v)
***Presumably I can use the images in presentations?***

Hey buddy, whatever you see that you can use of mine, it's yours.
Your very good health, Forrest!

Great work!
Cheers Forrest! Congratulations!!! I'll bet it tasted pretty sweet.
Congrats, Forrest! Looks great.
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