Sunday, April 22, 2007


RepRap wasn't built in a day

At the end of last week I assembled our first RepRap Version 1.0 "Darwin" from scratch and shot a time-lapse video of the entire thing at one frame every three seconds. It took me four and a half hours spread over two days (I have to teach sometimes...).

Annoyingly, Ed appears from time to time to hinder proceedings using something that I understand is called a "sense of humour", so it is through gritted teeth and with a dark heart* that I have to say that he has done a truly outstanding design job. This is the first time that I have built the machine (all my work so far has been on extruders), and it went perfectly from his instructions on the RepRap Wiki here. Also, the way that he uses bits of the part-constructed machine as jigs and templates to allow one accurately to build and align other bits is, frankly, inspired. You will notice that the only measurements that I make are with an ordinary tape measure.

(*Metaphors getting out of hand here, AB. Steady.)

//I have to say that he has done a truly outstanding design job.//

Yes, Darwin's a very intelligent design. :^)
hah! that video was AWESOME! fantastic work Adrian, and great design eD. cant wait to get my hands on one =)
Adrian, you have a wonderful sense of humor. You simply choose to use it in a sparing and artful way :) And yes that goof off eD is a great Engineer. Wonderful job on Darwin. Does that mean he passes?
How To Build A RepRap in 3 Minutes, 41 Seconds. Love it. Now you need one of someone assembling the PCBs :)

Vik :v)
so true vik. as soon as i can successfully assemble a PCB, i will definitely do it.
Great video! Super to see you in your natural habitat! :-D
I'm sure somewhere in the background there is a sign saying "DANGER Frickin' Big Laser" :)

Vik :v)
so ... does it work ?
Bruce Sterling just mentioed this video on his Wired blog.
No reason to suppose not. But we haven't had time to wire up the extruder (which works on the prototype machines) yet.
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