Friday, March 16, 2007


PowerComms v1.1: Success!

Adrian has successfully etched and soldered up one of the new one-sided Power / Communications boards for Darwin. Apparently it went really well, and I think he may even be picking up my vernacular. In his email he described it:

it's really sweet - whole thing took me 2 hours from cutting the bag round the virgin PCB to finishing testing (plus a 30 minute etching break when I ate supper). Tested out A OK first time

Updated instructions w/ the new pictures will be up on the wiki shortly.

as long as he doesn't start talking in ten codes and replying to emails with "word" - like the actual word "word". i think we're all safe.

i can't believe how fast this is coming along. great job, this is amazing to see.

mike basten
Things have been coming together for some time, it's just that now it's all starting to coalesce in one place where you can see it :)

Vik :v)
I believe thats's an affirmative but towards the contrary.
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