Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The Extruded Extruder Extrudes!

I tidied up the bearings and rammed a pin through the top of the screw thread to join it to the coupler. It now extrudes! Yay! Can't say for how long because it's strong enough to split the nozzle, or at least blow out the weak parts on it. Closer inspection shows where I cut things just a little too fine drilling the nozzle out, and a bit of soldering is required to patch it.

The extruded extruder is the one with the red light on. The black thing on the board is just to allow a bit of contrast so you can see the extruded stuff. I've used an ABS clamp off the Stratasys to hold the PTFE part of the nozzle, but I aim to replace that when the software is running happily again.

Zaphod now has two heads.

Vik :v)

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Great work, Vik! Yet another milestone! Shall I make up one of my copper tube extruder barrels for you so that you can stop worrying about nozzle splits? :-)
Congrats Vik!! I'll put that into my seminar tomorrow if that's ok with you...
Plaas - I think my nozzle splits are due to bad workmanship. One of your nozzles might fix that :)

Unlike the previous nozzle which split, this one just has a couple of pinholes where my filing got too close to my drilling.

eD - Go for it.

Vik :v)
Two heads are better than one! Hey, is this another slogan for Reprap?
And nice going Vik.
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