Saturday, February 17, 2007


Pressing Belt Gears

I've pressed 2 sets of belt gears for Darwin using my acrylic moulds. There are 4 sheets of acrylic with alignment holes (the 4 little bolts go in them). Sheets 1 & 4 have 8mm holes in the middle, sheets 2&3 45mm holes. A piece of belt goes around the hole in sheets 2&3 to put teeth on the edge, exactly as per the rig that Ed made. PVC food wrap stops the CAPA sticking to sheets 1 & 4. The trick is not to press too hard or you open up a gap where your belt joins into a loop.

They need a little trimming, but a sturdy pair of scissors does that just fine. Better than a craft knife.

Zach is kindly documenting the process here.

Vik :v)


Do we have a source for those belts yet?
I got mine from rs (cf mauser?) - timing belts of 2.5mm pitch are pretty easy to get hold of I think.
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