Sunday, February 11, 2007


CAPA Extruder Pushes Filament

One video of the completed CAPA extruder screw mechanism extruding a 3mm CAPA filament:

I'll add the clamp and hot nozzle later (waiting on some PTFE rod for that).

Vik :v)


Congratulations! I'm looking forward to owning a reprap in a couple years or so.
It's probably different with CAPA, but I found that with HDPE and HPP getting the Mk 2 to push the filament is one thing while getting it to push the filament with enough force into the heated extruder barrel to actually extrude is quite another. :-(
If I understand correctly, you now have the makings of two extruder heads: one made from ABS on a Stratasys and one made from CAPA on Zaphod.

I'm assuming you're working toward building a Darwin. Planning on selling Zaphod when your done? :^)
Zaphod will be continuing service as a multiple head testbed until retired into the garden shed. Probably when the PIC software is out of date - its steppers aren't compatible with the current Darwin design.

Oh, apparently that video was one of YouTube's most viewed science clips yesterday!

Vik :v)
Consider that at some time in the near future - manufacturing has been utterly revolutionised and every household replicator on the planet may be able to trace a direct line of descent from Zephod.

I trust the old fella will eventually find a place in a glass case in the Science Museum in London...not some dusty garden shed!
Hmmm, If we scan him and provide good pictures, they can just make a copy from their McClintock 12 or will it be a Pauling 7?
Some parts of Zaphod are already headed for the Science Museum in London.

Vik :v)
Cool! When did this happen?
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