Friday, February 02, 2007


A.R.N.I.E. gives it a shot...

Ed's A.R.N.I.E. RepRap design is now fully functioning. In keeping with long-established RepRap tradition, the first object we made was Vik's shot glass to toast our success. Celebrations continued into the night, with Christine B. switching to an Irish dram...

As you can see, while we were concentrating on the build parameters, Tux (on the Strat in the middle) had already spotted the bottle...

So, that's shot glass #2, right? And I'm guessing Tommelise is pretty close to printing #3. Things are starting to pick up.

I wonder how long it'll be until we see a shot glass made by a second-generation reprap. (i.e. one made from reprapped parts)
Apropos that, Ed's just about finished making the parts for the Darwin prototype on the Strat. The lot took 100 hours, and used one cartridge (4 Kg, I think) of build material.
Hearty congrats., guys!

I'm guessing that you've not got a fan fitted to ARNIE? Build quality is much improved by a fan. In fact, I have a desk fan blowing air gently over mine in this weather all the time. Now that the heating element is enclosed in a trimmed bottle neck, gentle airflows don't affect it much.

Any AoI files of Darwin bits yet?

Vik :v)

PS Don't be too hard on Tux. When all you have is flippers, it's hard to hold your drink...
Congrats to Ed and Adrian! :-D

***The lot took 100 hours, and used one cartridge (4 Kg, I think) of build material.***

In spite of all that steel rod you're using there is still 4 kg of plastic in a Darwin? Wow! :-o

I'm astonished that Brits are drinking Jack Daniels of all the unholy witches' brews. :-o

I've got a nice bottle of 12 year old MacAllan's single malt that's going to get a workout when Tommelise does it's shot glass. :-)
I'll add my congrats (and suggest you could have fabbed a larger shot glass).

Looking forward to some video showing this in operation.
Congrats Ed and Adrian. I keep feeling like I'm so far behind and I want to catch up so badly ;)
Well I have a pic programmer wired up that I just finished tonight. I'll blog it after I verify it works if I don't blow up my computer.
I'm questioning the Irishness of a dram of Jack D's myself, but otherwise congrats all 'round!
Most important things first: the Jack D's was from the Bath University Biomimetics research students' extensive but uncritically-assembled sideboard, whereas the Irish whiskey (Jameson's) came later at the Bowyer homestead (where I, personally, re-celibrated with a small measure of 10-year-old Laphroaig).

We'll try cooling next week, though things seem to be going OK without it at the moment.

Now I think about it, that 4Kg has got to be over the top. If I imagine putting all the bits in a bag and picking them up I can't see it weighing more than 1Kg or so.
Damn nice bit of work guys.

What about storing all the AoI files of Darwin, etc, inside Subversion?
Yup - we're getting there. Some parts of Darwin still need to be moved from Solid Edge to AoI (a manual process...). When we've done that we'll put the lot in the mechanics section of the repository.
***I'll add my congrats (and suggest you could have fabbed a larger shot glass).***

Why not just drink two shots? After all the easiest way to double the output of your RepRap is to just make two. :-D
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