Thursday, January 11, 2007


Support material

I had a sudden thought about support material (apologies if someone already suggested this and I've forgotten...).

Why don't we just run a 3mm rod of PVA through the Mk II extruder? The partially hydrolysed stuff has a low melting point and is water soluble (especially if you deposit it with small gaps to allow water ingress). Two birds - one stone...

See this DC Chemicals site.

That could be just about perfect. What does it cost?
Also, if we make it into filament, how fragile is it?
"PVA(Polyvinyl Alcohol) film generally has good mechanical properties, compared with other plastic films." says the website.

Dissolving it in water may make it swell first, which could be bad if it's acting as a support.

It's wood glue, of course - I'll do a few experiments...
I hope CAPA doesn't stick to it like it does to polyurethane...

Vik :v)
If it dissolves in water, do we care?
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