Monday, January 29, 2007


Mk 2 Extruder part made on Zaphod

Last night I left Zaphod printing out a slightly modified poly-holder part for a Mk2 Extruder. This morning it had finished - 7 hours of printing. Sadly, a software bug means that the vertical holes are filled in in some places, but I've drilled those out so I can I test the part. As the holes were mostly there, and quite visible on the underside of the part, this was very easy to do.

Here's a shot from the top, showing the new part on the right, and a similar part that came out of the Stratasys on the left:

Below is a photo of the part viewed from the attachment end. Looks like I should be able to get an M3 bolt in those holes without trimming or drilling:

The horizontal line across the face here is where the head skipped printing a line. It does this sometimes - not figured out why yet. The lines show up in the GUI, but it's not that fatal and the objects generally recover (hopefully I will too - not feeling at best this morning).

Here's a shot of the GUI after the poly-holder had finished printing:

Once the hole-filling software bug is sorted, I'll print one for 2.5mm filament. Meanwhile I have some hand-rolled 3mm luminous polymorph...

Vik :v)

Text now updated.

Vik :v)
looks really good vik... this is inspiring!

now lets see if we can get that 7 hour print time down ;)
No problem. Just make two repraps. That will half the print time right there. :-D
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