Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Experimental gear train

Happy New Year!

I've printed out a couple of polycaprolactone gears and an impromptu plate to hold them in place. We're laying down about 4cc of polymer/hr using the 2.5mm filament that Forrest sent me. I've upgraded my Mk2 extruder to Adrian's revision with the 2.5mm holder. Probably needs more calibrating but goes for now.

Here is a 2M MPEG video of the gears meshing taken using my decent Sony cam and a tripod.

The "Darwin" design doesn't use gears per se., but as they're bound to be desired in some mechanisms I thought I'd print them out as a learning exercise. The teeth do distort as they get higher, something that thinner layers or an improved deposition algorithm may solve.

Vik :v)

Oh my! Those are SO beautiful! Did you use the cog or involute script to make them?
They're done with the latest involute script.

Vik :v)
Select prefered superlative from [Awesome!, WayToGo!, Brill!, Wicked!, ISay,JollyGoodShow!]...

I've taken the liberty of putting it on YouTube at

this is very exciting. i just got my first shipment of stuff i need to construct my own reprap. if i needed any more encouragement to start, this is definitely it!
Those are beautiful!
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