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"To the RepRap!" That's my toast, made with a very small fabricated shot-glass. The shape is vaguely reminiscent of a leather tankard, and its dimensions are 25mm dia. (average as it deliberately tapers), 2.3mm walls, 21mm high. Production took 5725 seconds (95 minutes) and used a notional 3cc of polymer. Oh, and it is watertight (even holds schnapps for a while). The "bubble" around the deposition head is the neck off a plastic drink bottle and keeps the cooling air off the head.

I claim first RepRap'd utilitarian object!

Seriously though, if we can manufacture watertight containers, we're not too far off making bioreactors and some medical equipment.

This was the second attempt. On the first, the swivel on my feeder bottle (see below) became stuck, and the filament wouldn't de-kink. This slows the passage of the filament down, and the output thins out to nothing over a couple of layers. I now have two swivels on the feeder bottle, and I've replaced the croc lead with an old MP3 player strap.

Vik :v)

It seems fitting that one of the first objects made by a reprap should be a glass to toast the making of itself.

Nicely done!

Does this mean drinks are on you?
I have duty free grog. Catch me if you can :)

Vik :v)
Cheers and your very good health!

If you post the design on Sebastien's we can make it a RepRap tradition that when anyone gets their machine working they make a glass to toast their own success, as Steve suggests.
I'm with Steve and Adrian, it would make for a very nice tradition to toast your success with your own RepRap shot glass. I would normally fill mine with Coca-Cola (keeps me up reading all the posts and related sites), but then again maybe a shot of Seagrams would be in order for a momentous occasion of that caliber. Congratulations Vik, you do some really neat stuff.
Vik, thank you very much. One day historians may write about the shot heard round the world... except this one is in celebration.

Vick put it up there a few minutes ago:
Er, Vik, the resolution on that is FANTASTIC! Jeez!!

I'm excited.
hey vik, you are working hard for an invitation to ROBOEXOTICA, hm?

ROBOEXOTICA? Love to. I hope Johannes is reading the blog :)

Vik :v)
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