Friday, November 17, 2006


A Printable Penguin

Using the 2.5mm CAPA filament that Forrest had made up, I've produced a 50mm tall penguin for my upcoming presentation at LCA 2007:

It's extruding fine, and the spareseness of the fill is intentional at this point. The deposition is done with Simon's latest version of the code that raises and lowers the head to avoid smears. It works well, but there are small drawing artifacts that cause the head to bounce up and down in the penguin's feet, causing it to look like the RepRap is trying to hammer the polymer in!

Vik :v)

YES!!! Go Vik! :-D
For some reason it hit me that you should make an icing nozzle and do some cake decorating.
Doesn't look too difficult. It will need a support material head to fabricate, however.
Next stop, a Cthulhu..rather more challenging.
I think this technology has huge potential. It will be interesting to see how it progresses.
I had a look at the Tux model. It has no relief features like eyeballs, beak joins etc. I did have a look at addign them, but the model would not convert into a valid Euler 3D mesh under AoI.

Attempts to manually validate it were, shall we say, less than successful.

Vik :v)
The Tux model contains over 100 invalid edges. These don't matter in a virtual world, but when you try to produce the model in real-world 3D you end up trying to print a collection of small Klein bottles...

My manual attempts failed because I don't know how to remove points or edges from a 3D mesh in AoI and the things I did try did not remove the invalid edges. THe Solid Editor has a fix-up algorithm, but that was unable to handle all the errors. I've asked for some help on their SourceForge forum.

Vik :v)
You can always ZIP the ASCII STL.

Vik :v)
That's really cool... nice one Vik. I can't wait to get creative with this thing...

Oh, the temptation eD. I want to play, and yet we must finish the monster first...

Vik :v)
Incidentally, there's a GPL STL-file fixer here:

I don't know how good it is.


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