Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Modesty demands...

...That we not tell you the following quote from Saturday's paper:

"[RepRap] has been called the invention that will bring down global capitalism, start a second industrial revolution and save the environment..." - James Randerson writing in The Guardian on November 25, 2006.

I saw that one! LOL! Seems to have given visits to our website quite a bump up! As they say in Hollywood, "there's no such thing as bad publicity." :-D
Btw, The Hindu picked up that story as well.
Note that typing "RepRap" into Google News search only brings up the Hindu article. Strange, innit?

Vik :v)
It was the second story on the front page. Out of two. (The other one being Litvinenko.)
But it's much easier to get their attention when you have a custom made, freshly-fabricated WhamKonk(TM) to smack them over the head with...

In short, there will be plenty of easily discernable evidence that we're making hardware not vapourware.

Vik :v)
3d_geek is right: you can fire up the press too early. Given RepRap's potential impact there was a moral obligation to put a press release out at the start. I decided before I did that not to chase publicity any more until the first release.

The Guardian article was because the journalist came to me.
As far as being a wonderful congestion of creative thought, RepRap is already a towering success. Sure all of us less mechanically inclined lurkers can't wait to buy a 200$ already built knock-off at Bi-Mart but in the meantime you folk have impressed the heck out of many of us with your novel solutions and persistant dedication to what is fundamentally a brilliant idea.

Keep up the good work and just run any naysayers over with your shopping cart.
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