Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Upgrading the AoI Involute Profile Gear Script...

It appears that a decent fix for the too many teeth pathology in the involute profile gear script is to simply chop off anything that the script tries to draw that falls below the inner radius. I've written and tested the code for that in VB.NET 2005 and the results look good.

I've tested it up to a gear with a radius of 1000 and 360,000 teeth. The teeth are triangular with the top of the triangle chopped off at that resolution, but hey, what did you expect? :-) It very much looks like I can generate a rack with this coding by using a very large radius and then doing only a partial, very shallow arc.

Right now I'm translating the code into Java so that AoI will eat it. That task is about as much fun as getting an onlay at the dentist's on a rainy afternoon.

I'll publish some screen grabs from AoI and pass around the script as soon as I get it running.

The code appears to be robust as long as you don't specify a pressure angle higher than about 25 degrees. That shouldn't be a problem.

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