Monday, October 23, 2006

Just to let everyone know:

I've set up a MediaWiki at We'll be using this for our object file library site, . Currently "" doesn't point at the server,, but I have every expectation we'll sort that out shortly.

You are welcome to log onto it, upload files onto it, try to break it, etc. I'm going to be working on it quite a bit, but it should be fairly stable. Features, bug fixes, etc, will be in no small part community-driven, so please email me if it doesn't do what you want. Also email me at (penguin at supermeta dot I-hate-spam-too-so-delete-this-bit dot com) if you want administrator access or an ssh account on the server.

Edit: If you want to help work on the site, let me know - the more the merrier!

We'll try to answer 3D_geek's points asap. Meanwhile, should now point at the site.
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