Sunday, October 08, 2006


More work on the involute profile gear script for AoI

This morning I was cleaning loose papers from under my PC table and discovered the printout of the original example code for generating the gear profiles from LuleƄ Tekniska Universitet. I had neglected to download a copy and simply printed out the PDF file. After I'd got the AoI script going the printout slid off the back of my PC table into the drift of similar papers that collects back there. I'd been unable to get recover the link to the document via google since then.

Anyway, once I had the printout I googled a sentence out of the document and got the document back. You can link to it here. I also grabbed a copy and dumped it into the documents folder of the RepRap folder on my own server so that we will still have a copy of it if, for some reason, LuleƄ takes that document down. You can link to that copy here.

Some of you might want to keep copies of this rather vital document so that the RepRap project still has it regardless of server and disk crashes.

BTW, the example code begins on page 444 of that Swedish document (page 20 in the PDF).

There is also a copy of Cory Doctorow's short story "Printcrime" in there. :-D

I am going to spend some time going over the involute profile gear script for AoI again this morning to see if we actually have a coding problem in the original Swedish programme or perhaps a misinterpretation of what they meant when I translated their logic over to VB.NET and thence to Java.

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