Sunday, September 10, 2006


RepRap on display in Vienna

Greetings from Vienna, or as they say in these parts "Servus!"

Zaphod has survived the trip, and despite having flown Auckland-Sydney-Bangkok-Dubai-Vienna sustained remarkably little dammage (a few disconnected wires, a detatched circuitboard and a broken fan housing). The Vik however was totally knackered, and took about 3 hours to reassemble the pieces.

Aha! Found the apostrophe on this QWERTZ keyboard (or kezboard as I keep doing).

We've had a wonderful reception by the Paraflows '06 organisers, and the Metalab - particularly Philipp who is kindly putting me up for the duration. I am sorry I was not awake enough to go out on the evening festivities with Angela and her loyal crew. Hopefully we will have other opportunities.

The press have been throughly primed, and even Google News in Austria has picked up a link :) Here

But now, time for breakfast in Vienna.

Vik :v)

The mention in the Austrian press reads roughly in English as...

Also of particular interest is the contribution of Dr. Adrian Bowyer (UK) and Vik Olliver (NZ) who have built a self-producing robot known as the RepRap ( In addition to demonstrating their protorype at the Metalab (, Vik will be a guest on the "Taugshow".
I myself stick to a Dvorak keyboard. I'd go wacky on a qwerty, quertz, azerty, or what have you.

I switched from QWERTY about 10 years ago, and have not looked back ever since. It's funny when people sit down at my computer and start trying to type stuff.
I sometimes wonder if I should upgrade to the elite Das Keyboard - the jet black one with no markings of any kind on any of the keys!
Hey that's great Vic, you made it! Ausgezeichnet! Lucky guy hanging out with all the Wieners. Take it easy mit das Bier. ;)

I hope you are doing okay with all the Deutsch speaking people around, but I'm guessing many have basic English skills. Did you ever get a chance to print some German language info on the RepRap?
Yesterday was a bit quiet, but most of Austria seems to curl up and go to sleep on Sunday.

The language isn't a problem. I can speak a bit of German, but this is generally steamrollered by everyone else's English skills - and I don't complain about that :)

So far Bier and Wurst have been is short supply, but as Paraflows picks up momentum this week I expect this will change. I'm starting to find my way around too, but still mostly by following everyone else...

Oh, I've been volunteered to do a technical presentation to the Metalab crew, so I'm adapting my LCA2006 talk a bit. Fortunately it'll be mostly in English, but I'm starting to be more confident about strangling the German language with my bare tongue.

Vik :v)
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