Wednesday, September 13, 2006


RepRap Makes a Name for Itself

After a late night session and early morning session supporting Metalab and apparently a few of the local breweries, the RepRap has finally made a name for itself:

It looks like we'll have to take greater care not to route the nozzle over gaps in the artifacts so as to avoid all the "hair". But at least we know that the mechanism is actually capable of producing reasonable volumes of output without breaking down, and I can confirm that I can hand-roll 3mm fillament faster than the RepRap can use it!

More from the opening of the Metalab exhibition here:

Vik :v)

Brilliant Vik!

And live at an exhibition, wherein we all know Sod's Law stalks relentlessly between all practical demonstrations with a specially keen attention.
Actualy, I've just realised that there are some little magnets left from the Blinkenlights session last night...

Vik :v)
Looking at those pictures I think you've got a winner there, Vik! Bravo!

I think that RepRap has just lifted off of the runway. :-D

Now, let me see if I can get us a reliable supply of filament today.
Looks like you're having a good time there, they seem to be keeping you busy, and you've done a nice job with the RepRap logo, -and- das Bier finally showed up.

Now I've got to go nail as sign that says Zutritt Verboten on my workshop door. :)
The reaction is astounding. Almost everyone wants to take pictures, and an amazingly high proportion want to walk off with a piece of RepRap output under the impression that it is some kind of art. The "teardrop" logo is particularly popular but I've done a few initials as well for particularly nice people. Here's one of the movies that ended up on Youtube of the 'R' being printed:

The guy who took that one (Magnus) was also interested in the software componet of the RepRap. Not everyone realises the importance of the software side, but most of the tecchies do.

Visitors often ask if it is possible to print the frame and screws etc. I now have the stock answer that the RepRap is a practical device that is intended to work, rather than something that is theoretically "pure". The only purity we insist on is that everything is Open Source.

It has been quite an experience, and I'm greatful to Metalab, Paraflows and Monochrom for making it possible.

Vik :v)
Yvan Roy - that door notice. Shouldn't it be Zutritt obligatorisch as we're open source :)
LOL, yes indeed. Although, I shouldn't put that on my workshop door, people could get lost in there! ;)

3D Geek, that's an interesting comparison. I've been wondering if there would be one of those "chasm" effects for the RepRap, where the geeky early adopters love it but it doesn't move into the general population.

I think if there is a chasm, because this project is opensource (Quelloffenheit!) and doesn't consume funds like most patented inventions if could stay parked in the netosphere for as long as it takes. The day it morphes enough to spread beyond the technophiles it can do so.
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