Thursday, September 14, 2006


Quick update from Vienna

Things are going astoundingly well here, except for networking issues which prevent me from uploading pictures. But it is probably worth mentioning that last night I completed the first full part for the RepRap and I'll be fitting it this morning. It's the largest thing printes so far containing - if I recall correctly - 4.4cc of polymer and taking 1hr 10 mins to print out. The improved print speed is due to the lack of excessive head cooling during the workpiece cooling cycles. If you look at the Youtube clip (see comments to previous entry) you'll see that I've chopped up a clear plastic bottle to create a windshield.

Rolling 3mm polymorph by hand has been part of my life all week, and it's good to hear the news from the builder's blog that it might be possible to get pre-made fillament.

For those in Vienna, check the site for details on tonight's "How to build your RepRap" session and come along to this morning's brunch if you can. Tomorrow, we shoot the Taugshow interview, which given Johannes Grenzfurthner's reputation (see his Wikipedia entry) should be very interesting - for me at least!

Vik :v)

Just done a radio interview for FM4 on the RepRap. I should have an MP3 of the broadcast sent to me for general amusement.

Vik :v)
Well you are quite the renaissance geek! :) Radio inteviews and all, good stuff!

I believe this strong interest shown by people is encouraging, within reason. It's like the positive response on this blog. The "innovators and early adopters" are interested in this project.

Glad to see the pop bottle sheilding is helping, I'd been wondering about that pause in the extrusions.
Thanks for all you did, Philipp - particularly putting up with me at your place and guiding me around Vienna.

I've got back safely, and the RepRap turned up only slightly bent. I've taken the kinks out of the tubing and can make new bits to replace the broken parts. The return trip was a little rougher on the cargo than the trip to Vienna!

I'd also like to thank Suz and the kids for putting up with a lack of Daddy for 10 days. They were very good about it, and I missed them terribly. Suz in particular, as I know she really wanted to come along.

I hope people don't mind, but I'm going to have a bit of a break while I sort out things at this end and make up for lost time with the family. So don't worry if I go quiet for a while - RepRap is alive and kicking!

Vik :v)
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