Saturday, September 23, 2006


First Working Part Printed & Fitted

This part was printed at 10:10pm Austrian time on the 13th September 2006, and was fitted the following morning (I got carried away celebrating the moment, OK?). For the record, it involved 15390.4 mm of travel, 11240.9 mm of extruding, has a volume of 4.777 cm^3 and took 6690.9s to print (about 1 hr 50 mins). Oh yeah, it works.

Vik :v)

It's a really great feeling to see milestones whipping past like this!
Wow! 13 September 2006. I've got to update the RepRap entry in Wikipedia. This is important!
A significant moment; it's supper-time here and coincidentally Christine & I have just opened a bottle of Burgundy. A toast: "Vik! And the first RepRap self-replicated part!"...
Vik, I was checking the numbers you published, you know me and numbers.

You say you extruded 4.777 cm^3 of CAPA and it certainly looks like it. You also say that you did 11240.9 mm of extruding.

Okay, 4.777 cm^2 is 4777 mm^3. If we divide that by 11240.9 mm, we get a cross-sectional area of 0.425 mm^2.

Dividing by pi and taking the square root of that gives us the radius of the extruder orifice. Multiplying that by 2 gives us the diameter of the extrusion thread which I figure to be about 0.74 mm.

Now, were you using a 0.5 orifice to get that thread or something a little bit larger. I've been trying to chart the non-Newtonian expansion of the thread coming out of the extruder orifice and I haven't had any numbers this small before. Does that square with what you have?
A toast: "Vik! And the first RepRap self-replicated part!"...

Hear! Hear!

And I think the next toast goes to you, Adrian, for setting up the whole RepRap project, getting funding for it and creating much of the enabling technology like the Mk II that is taking von Neumann's conjecture into reality. :-D
The 0.74mm diameter calculation ain't too far off. The infill is slightly sparse and I've switched to using the 0.8mm nozzle.

The next day we did some overhanging parts. These generate a lot of "hair" but work. I've got one going in Adrian's direction so he can analyse it, and he's already identified the probable issue in the code that caused some of the test shapes to fail. Oh, we've recycled some of the failures and it recycles just fine.

The next thing I want to try and build is a gear, but that needs to wait until the RepRap is reassembled and callibrated. After that, I might try some metal injection using the head that Adrian sent to me in Austria.

Vik :v)
Adrian, don't get through all the Burgundy! I'd like a taste when I come around in December :)

Mind you I'll be coming through Duty Free, so give me a shopping list...

Vik :v)
Well done.
Congratulations. Don't let it eat your children.
Congrats vik! I'm in france at the mo being a bricky for a week. Was telling some of the other labourers about RepRap.

They don't believe me.
Fortunately, belief is not necessary for the RepRap to work :)

Vik :v)
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