Monday, August 28, 2006


RepRap To Go

The Zaphod prototype has now acquired its second head, and the entire machine is now portable. At least, I can carry it out onto the deck without putting my back out.

The RepRap 3D software and ArtOfIllusion are now running nicely on the Linux laptop - should work just fine on a Windows laptop too, I just don't have one.

All this means the RepRap is now ready to go to Vienna on the 8th September for Paraflows '06 and for its TV debut on Taugshow on the 16th September. Zaphod is very excited about meeting the public and being on TV.

Vik :v)

What? No more pictures?
I'm really envying you your presentation opportunity. :-)
OK, I'll see if I can upload a picture tonight.

What I need now is a double-sided RepRap handout. Suggestions welcome.

Vik :v)
Hi Vic, what are you thinking of for the handout?
Adrian is working on the handout, so I'm off the hook on that one :)

Basically it's a single sheet that I can hand out. If it's all on one side, great - I'll see if I can get a translation done for the reverse.

Vik :v)
What was your estimated cost to build your reprap?

How did your debuts go?
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