Saturday, August 12, 2006


Next gen RepRap in progress

Da Witch has now given way to a new model, currently without designation, that has been constructed in a frame of thick-walled copper piping. I've used a mixture of copper saddles and hose clamps, but it could be done with hose clamps throughout:

The frame is bedded in with Polymorph to two bits of 3x2 , currently held to the bench with G-clamps. The head and X-axis are held into the copper frame by hand-moulded Polymorph and hose clamps. Ordinary cable clips hold the wiring into place.

This is the model likely to be exhibited at Paraflows '06 in Vienna, travel arrangements permitting.

Vik :v)

Ah the ubiquitous C-clamps. Handy things, those. :-D
Hi Vik, I suspected you were brewing something good. Quite the change, been taking a good look at the photos you've uploaded. Could you tell us some of the more important hardware changes that you have made?
I'll have to be brief, but basically it's all made out of thick-walled 15mm copper pipe, joins being taken care of by two interlocked hose clamps. All the axes and the extruder (the Mk 2a) are held in place using hand-moulded Polymorph, reinforced with thick wire. I've shaped the Polymorph into "saddles" that are then clamped to the pipe with hose clamps.

The electronics are much the same, though I've changed some of the high-amperage connectors to more robust screw terminals. I've a second extruder controller in the works, but I'll not be adding that until after Vienna.

Vik :v)
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