Sunday, July 30, 2006



I guess I can no longer call my contraption RepStrap because that word has taken a life of its own. So I'm renaming it after a character in a childrens book I remember reading when I was young, which was "Repstraperous".

I've posted some pics and progress on

I'm mentioning it here too, because I know nobody actually looks at that blog :)

Amusingly, it was last July (2005) that I soldered together the first bits of copper pipe. I was somewhat sidetracked by other parts of the project, but I think it's time to get something going for myself too. It's hard to believe a year has already passed. A year is long enough...

But today it finally does something. No Z axis yet, so the next thing to do is build a L298N driver for that.

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LOL! Of course you should call it the repstrap. After all, you invented the term. You've just had the experience that companies like Xerox have had! :-D

Super cool, though! It's great that you're cranking up your prototype. I thought you'd given up on it.

I'll send along a bottle of Tylenol for all the headaches you're going to have if your experience is anything like mine has been, though. :-p
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Simon, nice to see an update on your machine. I had seen your RepStrap blog some time ago. Like dude, you -own- the term "RepStrap". ;)

BTW, any insider info on why C1 blew on Plaas's comm card? Been wondering, because I think the comm card will be the very first RepRap scrap I'll attempt...
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