Monday, July 10, 2006


Chips arrive!

The order from Randy with the L298N chips arrived this morning. I wasn't expecting them till Tuesday or Wednesday. Turns out that post from Reno is a lot faster than I expected.

It appears that Randy is going to work out nicely as a supply source. He's effectively reduced the shipping and handling overhead of buying a lot of parts from about 40-60% of the purchase cost to something like 10-15%. His prices are, as well, within a short shout of what I can buy things for from Mouser and Digipen. That lets me buy small lots of parts with a lot better financial efficiency.

I had worried because the pins of the stand-up L298N were offset by 0.05 inch instead of the standard 0.1 inch. The legs are put into two separate rows with alternating pins with one row kneed out away from the chip by maybe half an inch. It's a snap to bias that row just a hair so that they use the same pin hole row on the strip board that the other row does. That's not a wonderful solution but I expect that it will make setting them up on strip board not nearly the chore that I expected that it would be heretofore.

I also got the 40 pin 16F877A chips. They are HUGE! My dinky little stripboards won't accomodate them. Too narrow.

I guess that now I get to see if they work for the Frankenmotors.

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