Sunday, June 04, 2006


Quick work with the 0.8mm nozzle

I'm getting quite handy at making detatchable nozzles, and this 0.8mm one is I think the least imperfect yet.

The almost 45 degree taper ensures that it doesn't stick much to the substrate, and thus smear everything. Inside, I reamed out right up to the point with one of those reamer bits for a Dremmel tool that look like a little lemon squeezer. The point poked through the hole. Consequently, the flow rate is very high, and it hasn't jammed up the drive mechanism yet. I'm actually running it at less power than the 0.5mm nozzle:

I've left the crosshatch pattern slightly wide, so I can measure the widths of the deposition. For the record, the lines are 1.1mm wide, and each of the two layers are roughly 0.55mm thick - the huge blobs are where the machine pauses to reheat the nozzle and all the plastic runs out. The crosshatch generator believes the lines to be 1.3mm wide. If I slow the motor down much more the lines will get thinner but I think it'll stall. We'll see.

I used about 0.6 metres of CAPA/Polymorph feedstock today! Best make more.

Vik :v)

Damn! That's looking really, really good! Great work Vik and Simon!
Nice progress. Well done.
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