Thursday, June 08, 2006


PWMing along...

Got the little yellow G4 gear motor going on the test board. I wore out two PIC16F628A chips learning how which is cheap at the price. :-)

Here's the little test programme in BASIC that does the job...

TRISB = %11000111
PORTB.5 = 1

PWMon 1, 9

PWMduty 1, 200

That's it. The TRISB and PORTB settings I got out of Adrian's servo.c code. Works like a champ.

Things started moving really fast after I figured out how to connect the virtual oscilloscope to the virtual PIC16F628A chip. I've also got a virtual signal generator which should let the retarded Plaas integrate the rotary encoder chip and limits switches when I get my nerve up to try that. :-s

Here's a pic of the IDE in action.


In the endless need to optimize the seed producer in a distributed self optimizing system, the k-12 demos have found their final match: ZIPTIES...

The solution is simple, cog pinion techniques both as gearing, chained pully, and linear transversal.

I have just produced a worst-case demo in around 20 seconds to demonstrate the worst tolerances to be expected based on the seed production by a batch of 8-13 year olds, incorporating the full set of physical and functional unpredictables and still have achieved close to 80% of ideal tolerances.

The image is available

In short, though the full document can be reviewed for complete technical details, aside from the directionality of some zipties, the only relevant issue was circular regularity, easily corrected with a bounding structure.

This worst-case demo was done here at the beach where I encountered the white (severely worn) object and just happened to have a glue gun and solar system available on the bike as always.

Technical info on the stress handling specifics of the resulting systems (esp the kid's final) will come from the lab shortly.

-Wilfred WilfredGuerin
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