Sunday, June 11, 2006


Godzilla y-axis meets the Frankenmotor...

I was going to get up in the morning and hook up the Frankenmotor to the y-axis tower. About 2130, however, I decided what the hell the night is young.

There was quite a bit of drama. The coupling nut that I am using as the basis of my thrust collar was rather tight on the drive shaft and tended to seize up. I ran it by itself for a while till the jagged chunks wore off and then greased the threaded drive rod and exercised the coupling nut by itself some more.

Then it turned out that the wooden collar that I'd built was too tight as well. I replaced one of the brass screws, something I'll never use again since the darned things tend to strip their heads on my Phillips head screwdriver (What DO Brits call a cross profile screwdriver, anyway? I used to know. For the Swedes it was a kryssskruvmejsel which was straightforward enough.) . Americans tend to name tools after the first company that made a particular tool.... Skill Saw, Phillips head screwdriver, Crescent wrench (adjustable spanner), and etc.

Here's a videoclip of the Godzilla y-axis plus Frankenmotor in action.

The y-axis motion was a little jumpy, though that smoothed out the more I ran it. Note the brass flathead screw that I've balanced upright on its head on the x-axis Frankenmotor mounting block in the video clip. We've got some vibration for right now in the Y-axis translation, but not much as you can see because the screw is happy to remain upright. :-)

We brits mostly call them "Cross point screwdrivers" - but "Phillips" works OK too.

THANK YOU FOR THAT! I just flat couldn't remember. I knew about the spanner part {sjuftnykle (lit. shift key) in Swedish)}
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